the talent marketplace is evolving rapidly

is evolving rapidly the talent marketplace

full-rpo model for startups - Prelude (now Calendly)

How we helped Prelude hire key talent and make possible its merge with calendly

what we did

we designed a full rpo solution to help prelude finalize the development of their panel scheduling product.


how we did it

we deployed two of our top recruiters and sourcers who partnered with prelude’s founders to help build and document a solid hiring process and hire key top talent, such as infrastructure engineers, developers and client success managers.

the result

we successfully recruited highly talented individuals, which played a pivotal role in the completion of prelude's product. this achievement was instrumental in facilitating the merger with calendly.


“we loved our peoplepath team and how they were able to maintain the high bar which ultimately was a great help in making the merge with Calendly possible.”

Will Laufer, CEO, Prelude Head of Sales, Recruiting Solutions at Calendly