our commitment

advancing diversity & inclusion 

we are dedicated to constructing exceptionally productive and skilled teams, and we strongly believe that diversity is one key. we recognize that a team with vibrant blends of abilities, experiences, knowledge, and perspectives will drive your success. hence, our commitment begins with us. we cultivate and embrace our differences and  amplify a broader range of voices and viewpoints.

emma valdivia


our commitment to diversity

de&i lens

A diversity, equity and inclusion hiring strategy is the process of intentionally cultivating a balanced and inclusive recruitment process.

we are diverse

We actively diversify our teams so we can help you with intention.
we walk the talk, and our sourcing starts with an embedded divergent diversity lens at your top of funnel.

identify blockers

We’re here to build you highly efficient and capable teams.
we evaluate your brand & identify where you are in your de&i journey to create the right environment for a diverse candidate attraction strategy.

inclusive experience

advance de&i to fuel your success.
we implement an inclusive process mapping, help diversify interview panels, reinforce timely feedback & minimize biased outcomes.

pushback for hires

only a diverse team can weave a rich tapestry of skills.
we help eliminate perceived individual threats, like denial, disengagement & derailment by providing you with simple actionable changes to achieve de&i hires.

de&i brand sponsor

an embedded solution for a better client experience.
we highlight your company culture, we align you with equitable compensation packages.

provide you with data

data driven talent solutions.
we use proper source tracking & reports to monitor the volume of candidates that are diversity-focused.