the talent marketplace is evolving rapidly

is evolving rapidly the talent marketplace

Direct VC support rpo model - Lightspeed Venture Partners

How we partner with Lightspeed Venture to support technology startups hyper growth

what we did

as their partner, we excel at identifying and attracting exceptional talent that fuels the growth and success of their impressive portfolio companies. our expertise in emerging trends, technologies, and industry landscapes provides us with valuable insights. we understand the specific talent needs and sought-after skill sets in these sectors, positioning us as a valuable resource. we connect talented individuals with promising startups, fostering ongoing innovation and growth in the enterprise, consumer, health, and fintech sectors.


how we did it

we partnered with lightspeed’s talent team to provide rpo solutions to help their portfolio companies achieve different goals; from a handful of hires to latam expansions, we helped multiverse, nirvana, snap, handshake, osmos, and clever, among others acquire talent.

the result

we built a sourcing team for the snap technology team, we helped Nirvana during their series A to identify critical product & design talent. we helped Osmos during their series A to build their engineering hub; we helped Clever hire their internal talent acquisition team and HRBPs, along with engineers and product managers. we supported Multiverse's strategy to grow their first talent hub in the US.


“as we began investing in latam for the first time, peoplepath was invaluable in helping us understand local hiring trends and talent pools. peoplepath is able to do everything from providing 1st-in recruiters to augmenting high growth talent teams. they are a go to resource for rpo hiring”

Luke Beseda, Partner, Talent Infrastructure at Lightspeed Venture Partners