the talent marketplace is evolving rapidly

is evolving rapidly the talent marketplace

Hybrid rpo model for Enterprise - Danaher

How we became Danaher’ strategic sourcing partner in North America & Europe

what we did

designed and implemented an on-demand recruiting solution to supplement the sourcing team in the americas and europe. our team led the research, sourcing strategy, candidate outreach and analytics to find top talent.


how we did it

we created a team of 6 experienced sourcers with a mix of skills who joined danaher’s internal team to create a sourcing strategy for all roles in different locations, business functions and areas of expertise that led to outstanding hiring results.

the result

since the beginning of the engagement, our team achieved 100+ hires including directors and senior positions in science, engineering and business roles.


"Peoplepath have been invaluable partners to me at my current and previous organizations. They are truly invested in the success of our team and have consistently delivered value year over year. They are able to partner with our leaders at every level of the organization across our sourcing, recruiting and executive talent acquisition teams, and provide a high quality of insight, candidate flow and consultation. The Peoplepath leadership is thoughtful, collaborative and creative. I would recommend them as a valuable resource for any Talent Acquisition function."

Director, Talent Acquisition at Danaher Corporation